Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hysteroscopy results and Renovations pictures

This past few day have been a little rough emotionally for me. I realized Thursday while driving home from work with a million things running through my mind (grocery list, nursery list, pick up Gweneth by 5, then exercise with her in stroller, make dinner, do dishes, write/read blogs, maybe bathe before bed) that I am uber stressed. My doctor, mom, sister, friends, husband keep telling me to slow down I am so stressed but I honestly didn't feel like I was! I just have a very energetic personality and I don't know what to do with my free time. Well it was like an epiphany on Thursday that I realized it is no wonder I can't carry a baby with trains running around in my brain and body 24/7! I felt so helpless as there is not much I can do to "try" to quiet my mind though I can quiet my body. I have called about acupuncture which is quite expensive, and there is a class for 8 weeks offered (at a high $ :( I am sure) at my clinic which teaches relaxation techniques in direct result to infertility and rpl. It is going to be expensive, but I believe well worth every penny. Anyone have any luck with acupunture and pregnancy? My sister told me to look up journal articles to see if there have been studies done, but our clinic showed an increase from 22% to 48% (but it was an ivf study) I would think the results would be similiar though.

So Blake and I talked at length about getting my stress level down. He said we don't have to eat a nice dinner everynight! We can have sandwiches or take out sometimes. But I ENJOY cooking! I love to be able to provide something for him after a hard days work, and I take pride in my ability to cook delicious meals every night. I do think maybe I should try some easier things though and try to make leftovers to freeze which I usually do anyway since it is so hard to cook for 2. He suggested exercising 3 times a week and maybe to leave to dogs at home since my walks with them are hi hi hi stress! School is almost out and for the first time since I was 23 years old, I will be doing nothing this summer. Maybe this is the perfect time to ttc again during a low level of stress time for me. I have to believe there will be a pregnancy that is healthy and provides us with our healthy baby. Thinking of ttc all the time my mom says is a major stressor for me, but try as I might, I cannot quiet my mind about that. The thought envelopes me all day, everyday. Maybe I can fully and totally give it over to God and let the thought envelope Him. Probably can't do it, but I can try.

I had my follow up hysteroscopy appt Friday @ 3. It was with an intern who was every bit of 8 months pregnant. I was immediately upset though I tried so hard not to be. She asked if I wanted a copy of the pathology report. I was like patha who?? I thought part of the last baby was removed? Why was there a pathologist involved? It turns out what they saw on the camera during the hysteroscopy and removed was a polyp inside my uterus, not part of our baby. She said it was benign and that it probably did not cause my m/cs, but would likely cause another one in the future. I just wanted to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!!!!!! How do all these things keep growing in my uterus like fibroids, polyps, but a baby cannot???!!!! I do not understand.

Saturday my mother, SILS, nephews, and nieces went to the A Fair in the town square and the weather was nice, Blake gave me some cash for the crafts, and I was in somewhat good spirits. I bought an adorable blue birdhouse, some new cushions for my swing, and a frozen lemonade. We ran into a friend of my sisters with 2 children under 4 and a visibly pregnant belly. We chatted for awhile and they she said, "Well gosh girl, when are you are your sister gonna get on the baby train? Y'all should be having them by now!" I felt like I was going to pass out. Thank the Lord I was wearing big sunglasses to hide my tears. Mom patted my back and said, "Well Lillian, they sure are workin on it". You could tell she knew she said the wrong thing. But honestly what is wrong with people? If your are child bearing age and not pregnant or have children, then you are having problems getting pregnant, or having marital problems and not ready to have children, so why would you ask?! Then we ran into someone from our church who said she heard our beloved and so supportive priest is more than likely going to Rome this year. That just topped me off. He is the most amazing preist I will ever know. And know he may be leaving. I will not be able to handle that, he is such a rock of support and guidance for me.

This morning at mass our choir sang and I could barely get most songs out for crying. I shielded my eyes with the music and half sang the songs. Every little thing made me weep, every person I looked at I thought of their children or problems they had. One woman who has adopted 5 children only to get pregnant later in life with her own, another who has 2 teenage sons and had 2 twins delivered early and died a few years ago, another whose 3 month premature baby just came home from the hospital this week, another who is pregnant again, it would not stop. Then I kept looking at our priest and would start crying again. My mother even cried, and I kid you not that woman does not cry. She is a tough northern gal. After mass, one of the altar society ladies asked me when I was due. I lost it again. She felt so bad, turns out she heard I was pregnant last month and hadn't seen my to ask about me. She had no idea we lost the baby. I got in my car to leave and our choir director's husband asked if we wanted some of Fr.'s pastry books (he was a pastry chef and traveled Europe before becoming our beloved priest). Mom and I asked why and he told us that Fr. is moving to Rome. I couldn't handle anymore. If he is getting rid of his books, it is not a rumor, Fr. B is leaving and I cannot imagine our parish without him. Mom called me after I left the parking lot and said he is such a holy devout man, it is wrong to keep him here in our little parish. He is destined for greater things, and more people need to have the blessing to know him. We always said he would probably be Pope one day, and I will not be surprised one bit if he is. He is that extraordinary.

So this week to destress I am doing to following:
Exercising - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (maybe Sat or Sun)
Dinner - Blake is grilling chicken tonight for my parents and I and we are cooking enough to last all week. MOnday is chicken parmesan sandwiches and salad, Tuesday is Chicken and Brocoli wheat pasta with salad, Wednesday is Chicken Fajitas with beans, and Thursday we are going out to eat. This is so much easier than what I normally do and the meat will already be cooked!
Meditating/Prayer- I will attempt to start quieting my mind every afternoon when I get home from work with some meditation and prayer - this will be tough. I honestly believe if I can calm myself down a little bit between now and mid-June, maybe the next pregnancy will be a success. God knows I hope so.

Here are some house renovation pics. We still have our 9 pane door and cedar shutters and posts to stain and put up and new mailbox, but it is a work in progress. I am soooo pleased with the results! I have to find a picture of the house before I bought it. It was such a melon. Blake and I were dating and he literally begged me not to buy the house. LOL

Our front porch notice the angel I painted torquoise to match to birdhouse, swing cushions, and bistro table and chair. Everything look so dark before this splash of color.

Half of my perinnial sun flower bed, next month it will be bursting with color - I;ll have to post again later.

The bistro set I painted which will be moved to the front porch once the columns are wrapped in cedar and stained.

My favorite spot in my yard to "try" to relax. I usually manage a few minutes of rest there at least on the weekends while trying to thumb through magazines or reading blogger on my phone in the afternoons.

Our house!!!


  1. I'm sorry you had to endure those hurtful comments. They hurt so much and they seem to never stop coming.

    But your house looks great! That swing is the perfect spot to try some relaxation!

  2. I, too, am sorry you had to hear those comments. Ugh, some people just don't even think...
    I hope you can destress this week. Your schedule looks great and so does your house! It is coming along so beautifully! Love it. :)

  3. Sorry about the hurtful comments. I hope you can begin to destress soon. I love the renovation pictures.

  4. Yes! Work on that relaxing! I can't believe the girl said that. Well, yes I can. Some people just do not think.

    The house looks amazing! Your flower beds, too. My Mother's house looks almost exactly the same (the brick on hers continues where your garage is) and I'm going to have to show her these pictures.

  5. If I weren't married I would live at your house! ;) I love it!!!!!

    Ugh! I'm so sorry! Well hurry up and get off school so we can sit by the pool and relax!!! Hang out with me and you will relax in a minute, coz I don't do squat! :)

    I did accupuncture at the two yearish mark, I think. It was awesome! I loved it! But it got to be expensive and my treatments were on discount and were only $40! ;) Plus at one point she had me on 70 herbal pills, no joke! Craziness....It was good for the time being but that was before my surgery so obviously we know how that went down...

    Plus, I can tell the pressure points in my feet when I get backed up, so to speak start to throb....hahaha And when I'm regular I don't feel them...Isn't that odd??

    When does school let out lady! Sorry about Saturday, it was a rough rough day! ;)

  6. Your house looks AWESOME! You and blake did a great job! It looks like a new house! You always have the best taste in decorating.
    I was at the A fair sat and wished I could've seen you! I am sorry it was such a rough day.
    I love you and continue to pray for y'all.

  7. Allison I am so sorry that you are so stressed out! But honestly busy gals like ourselves are usually numb to the fact that we are stressed cause we are so used to being that way! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house!!! It looks awesome! I do know a gal who did acupuncture, she is in her 40s and was having trouble getting pregnant. It took a few months but it did help her.
    We need to get together to celebrate school being out and destressing our lives! :)