Friday, July 16, 2010

Mother Teresa's relics coming to Memphis!!!!

The Missionaries of Charity camp is Monday through Thursday, and after a full week of 100 + degrees with heat index of 110 or more, I am offically exhausted and welcomed the break today. The house has no air conditioning and the field trips are in a non a/c school bus which makes for some very hot bodies, especially when the girls wanna lie across your body on the seat to take a nap on the way back to the Sister's house to have lunch. Sadly as much as these children want you to hold them, sit in your lap, hug you, and you likewise to them, we have to be careful in our contact with them due to recent abuses in the Catholic Church. It totally sickens me that our world and our faith has to be burdened with this. We had to read a form and some had to watch a video (I had already watched before my job at our Catholic School). One of the volunteers told us how the Sisters had gone to various homes in the surrounding area to invite the children to the camp. One family was immediately against the invitation and said, "Are you Catholic?" The Sisters replied, and the door was slammed in their precious and holy faces.

I came home Tuesday after the field trip and immediately took a nap, didn't even change clothes. When I awoke 2 hours later (!) my tee and sports bra were still wet, this heat is stinkin oppressive, I tell ya. We are supposed to be getting a cool front coming through this weekend (just in time for DH's bday bbq Saturday night!) and I welcome the thought of it. This heat is literally unbearable.

Today Sew and I went to her parish for daily mass at noon where there was blessing of Our Lady of Mount Carmel scapulars and distribution of them. I LOVE LOVE her church!! Her priest during prayers of the faithful prayed a petition for all husbands and wives in their marriages, and for all women who are having a difficult time having a baby or becoming pregnant. I immediately got teary, and Sew asked if I was okay. She said he has never included that prayer before at his masses, what a divine intervention from Our Lady of Mount Carmel??!!!We went to lunch and she ordered an appetizer that would've filled up an infant so we left in search of more for her crazy pregnant self. I bout killed us crossing lanes to get to Chik fil a, we get in line, and she changes her mind and wanted Starbucks! Crazy pregnancy cravings, I told her I felt like the husband in Lady in the Tramp when he gets sent our for all kinds of wierd concoctions!

So....exciting news!! Blessed Mother Teresa's relics will be here next Thursday and Friday at 3 different parishes for 3 different masses in various parts of the city. My former beloved pastor is lucky to be at one of the parishes that is fortunate enough to obtain these relics for a short period of time. There will be bone fragments, hair, and her sandals. I told Sew I am going to rub those sandals raw and she said she is going to rub her adrenals all over them! Seriously though, this is such an awesome opportunity, and I can't wait to go to the mass and be a part of this celebration. It is even more special that my dear friend and priest will be a part of it at his new church as well.


  1. How exciting that the relics are coming to visit! Will you please say a prayer for me when you see them? Thanks! Greg and I are going to listen to "Come be my Light" on the drive out to our vacation destination. I have been thinking about Mother Teresa more and more lately. Thank you for posting this. I will try to get the rosary to you before you see the relics - I did find some Mother Teresa metals. God Bless you Allie and have a great weekend!

  2. What a great post!! I love that you are doing the camp, and I totally know what you mean about the "rules" now for dealing with kids in the Church setting. Sigh.

    The story of the mass is beautiful. And the story of running around with Sew is hilarious! And how funny about rubbing her adrenals all over Mother T's sandals! ha ha !

    You are so blessed to be able to touch her relics.

  3. How awesome about the relics! Touch the sandal an extra time for me!

  4. So funny! Yesterday was so funny! I swear I get diaherra of the mouth when I am with you. I could talk to you for hours!!

    I can not wait to go to the relics! When I told DH I was going to rub my adrenals on her sandals he freaked out a little. ;) LMBO! ;)

    I'm so excited about Tuesday!!! Our fat roadtrip! Uggh! I can't believe what I get myself in and then drag others along with me! ;) hahaha

  5. How awesome about the relics and I love that Sew is going to rub her adrenals all over them. What a wonderful Mass that you went to!

  6. You are so blessed to be able to touch those relics AND to have the priest offer prayers at Mass for IF couples. On the feast of Mt. Carmel, no less. :)