Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Things

Thanks to Somehow, Someway, Someday for tagging me - I am a little late to this, but here goes!

1. My sister is almost almost 8 years younger than me, but everyone thinks we are closer in age because we are best friends and super super close. I can't imagine what I would have done without her support during these difficult times. My whole family is super close - 5 siblings and no one lives less than 20 miles apart.

2. I previously posted this about a month ago, but I think it is pretty darn interesting...I talked my way into a job teaching Spanish when I knew about 2 words. I worked my butt off studying for a year and lived in Guatemala for a few weeks last summer and passed the high school teacher's Spanish Praxis test and got my certification!

3. I didn't get married until I was almost 35 years old, but Blake is well worth the wait :)

4. I was engaged before and called off the wedding about 2 months before the date. Invitations were out, dress bought, house had a contract, you name it. Saints be praised I had the courage to scram. It was the hardest decision I ever made in my life, but my life would be miserable if I had not left the relationship. He was lawyer/musician (the problem) and a partier to boot. I wouldn't have met my DH if I had not done it!

5. I have had about 17 wrecks in my life. Most were minor like hitting a garage, or wall in a parking garage, or minor fender benders that required little to no work, but I totalled 2 cars. My attention span was a bit spastic. Now I don't text or rarely dial calls while driving. I am better driver now and have been accident free for about 5 years. (knock on wood!), although my brother still makes the sign of the cross on my neice and nephews heads before the take off in a car with me.

6. I desperately wanted to go to cosmotology school, but my dad stongly urged (made) me go to Mississippi State. I hated it until I joined a sorority and had so much fun I didn't want to graduate. Thankfully I changed my major from forestry to Education. LOL - I wanted to be a park ranger at one time.

7. My favorite things to do are cook, garden, and exercise. All 3 things stress me out though because I work hard to find time to do them all, but relax while doing them. My new favorite is power yoga - I am obsessed with it :)

8. I am going on a pilgrimage in less than 4 weeks to Fatima, Spain, and Lourdes. I am on pins and needles with excitement! I will have 6 stamps on my passport when I return. Where to next....

9. I love reality tv, especially The Bachelor, THe Bachelorette, Housewives of New Jersey, Housewives of DC, and especially Dancing With the Stars. If I could do anything at all well, I would choose dancing. Another thing that is stressful though is finding time to watch them.

10. I love love love my faith. My life has changed so much (for the better) since all this fertility mess I have been enveloped in for the past almost 2 years. I definitely pray more, have changed my life in little ways, but I am ready to pray in praise, not supplication~


  1. #6 - That is a hoot! A forest ranger - that does sound cool! I picked up a book at Yellowstone this summer called "Hey Ranger, True Tales of Humor & Misadventure from America's National Parks" and it was one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. I couldn't stop laughing at some of the goofy things people have done. I highly recommend it if you are still interested in that kind of stuff.

    I love your list and getting to know you better! I smile when I see new blog posts up from you!

  2. I didn't know that about your job- how cool! I wish I could speak another language...maybe with that kind of pressure I could make myself learn, haha. Oh and I'm totally with you on #9! I don't know if you watch Survivor, but the season premiere is tonight and I can't wait!

  3. P.S. LOVE your dress in the pic of you and your sister!

  4. You should have included the fact that your nails and toenails are ALWAYS painted to perfection!!!!!!!! ;)

    I agree with GIMH, love that dress! You and your sister are so cute! ;)

    I could never imagine you as a forest ranger...hahahaha

  5. Sew was telling me about how your nails are always done and she wants the colors you have.

    #6: That's funny. My DH studied forestry ;) He wanted to be a ranger, too.

    #5: Dang! 17?

    #2: That still impresses me.

    #1: So sweet. You look so much alike. Beautiful picture of the 2 of you.

  6. I am in awe of you, in many ways! And thank God you had the courage to call off that wedding!!

  7. I can't even tell who is who in the pic with your sister! You look so similar!

  8. I am glad you took the time to post these things, I learned new things about you and discovered a few we have in common-I have a sister nine years older and I am the closest in age to her of all our siblings. I have been in a ton of tiny wrecks too, plus one major one (that involved no other cars!) I am jealous of your passport stamps and upcoming trip-how amazing!

  9. i think you are absolutely beautiful!

  10. I loved reading about you - you are so gorgeous in all your pics!

    And I am SO EXCITED for your pilgrimage!! I will probably send some prayer intentions with you, if that's ok. ;)

  11. #7: That's so awesome! There's nothing like power yoga!

    #9: I love the Real Housewives of NJ!!! I hate it that we're behind up here!

    Btw, you're one pretty lady!!

  12. Hola Allie!

    2. That is amazing and your Spanish is GREAT!!! Wow! I wish I could learn languages like that! (thanks always for your emails in Spanish, now you will know who I am from the goole group!)
    8. Cannot wait for pictures. Now you need to come to the Basilica of Guadalupe and you will have been to the top three Marian sites in the world!!!!

  13. I am all about #7! ME TOO! All those three things:) Also, we have a new Birkram Yoga studio in town that I will soon be signing up for. It is 104 degree yoga...should be interesting and hot!

    I LOVE THE BACHELOR/ETTE! It is my one reality show that I have been watching since college. Ha!

    You are so beautiful! Love love pics:)