Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prayer Intentions for Fatima and Lourdes

Only 10 days left......

We leave Memphis at 6:15 pm (thanks be to God, maybe we will sleep!)and will be flying into Lisbon, Portugal where we will first visit St. Anthony's church. St Anthony is invoked often around my family - especially my mother - who loses things quite frequently! I always thought he was from Italy, but nope, he was born and raised in Lisbon.

Then we head for Santarem, one of the oldest cities in the world and home of the first Eucharistic miracle. From there we head to Fatima and spend 2 days touring the Basilica, Little Chapel of Apparitions, the children's graves, site of the apparations. We will walk the Stations of the Cross along the Via Sacra and join pilgrims from around the world in a candlelight rosary.

Next stop is Salamanca, which will be the cultural/historical stop of the trip, and then head to St. Teresa's hometown of Avila and ON HER FEAST DAY we will be there - what a rare blessing this will be for us!

Saturday we head for Lourdes, stopping first in Loyola which is birthplace of St. Ignatius. We head to Lourdes and engage nightly in candlelight processions. We will walk the lifesize stations of the cross, immerse in healing baths, and attend the blessing of the sick.

I will be leaving a week from Saturday, and a few bloggers have asked to send some prayer intentions with me. I would be more than happy to accept your intentions. There is a grotto there in Lourdes where petitions are placed, and I plan on placing a nice fat little bundle. Email me your intentions so I can print them off and place along side mine in the blessed grotto!


  1. Amazing! I can't wait to see all your pictures! And thanks for the prayers!

  2. I can only imagine what your blog will read when you get back!!! I can't wait to hear about it!!

  3. Hi!

    ¡¡¡¡Estoy feliz por ti!!! wow! what a trip!

    I love st. Ignatius and St Anthony also!! both had a lot to do with my faith. And going to Lourdes and Fatima I cannot imagine the experiences that you will have.

    St Anthony is very important in my family and would be very grateful of you could light up a candle for me and my DH both in thanks and to ask for his intercesion? I had just done a Novena to him when I got pregnant so I need to thank him and ask him for the gift of another baby or adoption.

    My grandmother was very , very devout to him and she even died on his feast day. 10 years later my grandfather (her husband) also did that same day and that day to top this all, the 13th of June, is also the anniversary of my parents marriage, so we consider him a very important saint for our family.

    I will also email you my intention for Lourdes if possible, but could not wait for the one for St Anthony! I have never had the chance and could not wait from the excitement!

    Muchisismas gracias!

  4. I want to see your face when you get back! I want to feel the high you will be on! :)

    Emailing my prayer intentions.... ;)

  5. You're going to have a great time- I will email some intentions- I hope you have tons to take with you & that St. Anthony & Our Lady answer every one of them!!!

  6. Your trip sounds amazing! Thanks so much for offering to bring our prayers to the grotto! I will be emailing you, too!

  7. I know you'll have an amazing time. BTW, I have a package in the mail coming to you, I'm SO sorry I'm so late. Bad me!

  8. Sounds like an amazing trip!!!!

    I'm e-mailing you my intentions, although you can imagine what they are! :)

  9. Am I too late? I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow. I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!

  10. i hope your trip is amazing and a great healing. and i wanted to wish you and your husband a belated anniversary, wedding-twin :)

  11. Are you back? I'm dying to hear about the trip!! :)