Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh how merry and bright!

I have a few minutes to spare and thought i would do a quick takes Thursday (even though I know most people do them on Friday :)

1. I met Sew and Bill's Hannah Monday after school! She is beautiful, tiny, and perfectly formed! They definitely have the very best Christmas gift ever. She just slept although I got to see a tiny bit of her eyes for just a moment before she drifted off again. Sew looks absolutely great too after just giving birth, God is good.....all the time!

2. LOL!! I thought I was bringing Sew gluten free sweet potato chicken enchiladas along with the salad and beans, but last night I opened the freezer to get the white chicken chili and much to my surprise (and chagrin) I saw the enchiladas. I asked Blake, "what in the heck did I give Sew then if they are here?!?!" Turns out I sent the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes instead. What a great meal, right? Sweet potatoes, chili beans, and salad. LOL!!!

3. Tomorrow starts my marvelous Christmas break! I am literally counting down the hours until that glorious half day tomorrow which starts a 2 week vacation. Gotta love teaching.

4. My husband is seriously too good to me.....It has been crazy cold lately and every morning I get into a frost free warm car with plenty of gas. I have bought gas twice since we married and he was so upset I didn't wait for him to get it for me. He is such a provider :) Now that it is getting cold and his business is slowing down, he will be Mr. Mom for the next 8 weeks or so. He cleans, washes clothes, and get dinner started.

5. Last Friday I had my neice and nephew after school until around 6, then the other 2 nephews and neice came to spend the night. We went light looking, ate Mexican (my nephew ordered in spanish and told us "gracias por la cena tios" which is thanks for the dinner uncle and aunt). I was so proud of my little student! Then we rode the golf cart to my sis and her husband's house to visit, we had a great time with those sweet kids.

6. Our dear preist, Fr. B. will be coming over for dinner Friday night along with my mom and dad, sister, brother in law, and good friend who went on pilgrimage with me, dh and myself. We are getting out the china and having a gourmet meal to thank him for helping me so much with the pilgrimage. We are having assorted cheeses and crackers for apps, Boston lettuce salad with pears, feta cheese, and candied pecans, pork tenderloin with blackberry demi glace (sooooo good, one of DH's faves) rough mashed red potatoes, sauteed green beans with tri-colored peppers, and homemade truffles for dessert. My mouth is salivating as I type...

7. I cannot wait to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" Saturday night and finish wrapping the gifts I will hopefully buy on Saturday. I can barely get through 5 minutes of that movie without crying. I may follow it up with "Bell's of St. Mary's". I love love love old holiday movies.

Any suggestions for some other holiday favorites? I just rejoined Netflix :) and......

8. and just to add another is CD 19 which means I will test on Christmas Day........


  1. So jealous you got to meet Hannah! Funny about the meal, ha ha ha! Sounds like something I would do!

    Your dh is a wondeful man!!

    And, I will be praying for you on Christmas Day...

  2. I love both those movies and we watched them just last week. Well, I didn't watch all of the Bells one, so I may have to do that again, but they are awesome! You are such a great cook and you really inspire me. I need to get better about doing that. I do like getting out the fun dishes, we have been using my Christmas pfalzgraff for regular meals and I love how it spruces things up! :) Take pictures of the spread for the special dinner - I want to see your beautiful cooking in action! Love ya!

  3. White Christmas is on of my favorite and Holiday Inn is on of my husbands! I love watching and singing along with White Christmas, it really gets me in a Christmas mood!

  4. THAT would be a great Christmas present!

    And my mouth is watering, too!!! Recipes, please! Can you scan them and email them? (tenderloin and truffles!!)

    JEALOUSY!!! You got to meet Hannah!! SO JEALOUS! That is wonderful! So happy for y'all!!!

    HA HA about the meals! That cracks me up!

    Your husband sounds so sweet. J likes to put gas in my car, too. I love it. I love even more that I have Abigail! Too cold!

  5. Oh how I am praying super hard for us both!!! I pray that this is our best Christmas ever! I test this weekend. I am waiting until we get back from Nashville though, I want to make sure we enjoy the trip.

    I might have to clue Robbie in on the fact that his best friend gasses up your car... I always get my gas. He is a KEEPER for sure!

    You dinner sound so amazing! And the mix up is too funny. :)

    I love love love old Christmas movies too! Those two choices are great ones.

  6. Here's hoping for a Christmas miracle!

    Not exactly a classic, but my love of Elf grows with every viewing. Just so funny and sweet. We actually watched it while vegging on our honeymoon, so always say to each other "I forgot to give you a hug!"

  7. Hi Allie! I laughed out loud with the "gracias por la cena tios"! so nice of him! you must be an amazing teacher! hope you have a very restful and happy 2 weeks!

  8. #2 = Hysterical!! :) That was too funny!

    And praying for your testing on Christmas Day!! Good luck!!!