Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Takes

1. This picture is of my neices and nephews minus one, who had already fallen asleep, last weekend at my house for a pizza party. What a fun, chaotic night that was! The oldest and youngest neice spent the night and we slept on the pullout sofa together and had pancakes on Saturday.

2. I mailed our paperwork (preliminary app) to Abrazo Adoption Associates in San Antonio, TX on Tuesday!

3. The orientation weekend required for new parents is March 18 and 19 and another one is not until the end of June so I hope we know something in the next week so we can book a flight :)

4. My 6-8 grades students have just learned to speak in the future in Spanish, and I am sooooo proud.

5. I just bought another medal for my necklace (St. Catherine) and now have 5. Mom says if I fall into a lake I may drown -haha

6. I am using one of the yoga passes my sister gave my for my birthday today at Midtown Yoga and I am excited! My gym quit offering classes and I have really missed it.

7. If anyone of you reading this has a iphone and is as addicted as I am to WORDS WITH FRIENDS, please search for me under AllieBaskin and let's start playing together!


  1. I'm so scared to start playing games!

  2. Sew it is so much fun!! :) Allie, I'm so excited for you as you start your adoption journey!! I am praying for you!!! :)

  3. So excited that you sent off your paperwork! I'm praying for you!!!

    Btw, I have no more room to add aps to my phone. Perhaps it's a sign that I'm already too addicted to the thing!

  4. My fav thing on this post are those pics!!! How stinkin cute are they!!!!