Monday, February 14, 2011

The very best February 12 in a long time....

Saturday was my 36th birthday, and it was fabulous. I was spoiled T rotten by so many people and I relished every little bit of it :)

This is the first birthday is 3 years I haven't been:
A) going through a miscarraige or
B)hearing from a doctor that I was more than likely going to miscarry

And we got the letter from my RE on Saturday morning, what a present it was!! It states that "it is very unlikely that I will ever deliver to term". I was so estatic to recieve the letter and thought to myself, "I never would have thought in a million years I could ever be skipping to these words! We are ready to apply with Abrazo now. I hope to have the application finished and mailed by Friday. (the pre-application actually and they will look it over and send the real application a few weeks later)

So just the fact that I didn't have to go through any of that this year was a welcome birthday present. My husband had a bubble bath running for me in a bathroom lit by candlelight and glass of wine poured on Friday when I got home from the Parent's Appreciation Dinner at my school. He knew it was a long day and that bath really took it all away....

Saturday my best friend came in town for my birthday from Little Rock. Mom, DH, and I went to a special annual healing mass at St. Ann's and we were all annointed and layed on of hands. There was a song version of Divine Mercy which was so very beautiful and the bishop presided over the mass which is nice, we rarely see him celebrate the mass. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrell and went home to get ready for dinnner. My sis, BIL, other best friend, DH, and myself went to eat sushi and see a movie. I was showered with such great gifts: yoga passes and yoga clothes, Glee season one, a photo book of Lourdes and Fatima from my friend with whom I went, Mary and Jesus statuette, new chain for my medals, pearl necklace, and some cash :)

I feel like a fattened calf before the slaughter.

The family birthday at mom's I almost couldn't breathe I ate so much. Have you ever had chicken tetrazinni from scratch? I can't put into words the deliciousness of that recipe. I have it every year and really was a glutton this year. We had caramel cake, salad, asparagus, and a couple glasses of champagne.

And now today I have student after student bringing me candy and treats for Valentines Day. I need an enema and detox diet asap, but we have dinner for my birthday at my inlaws tonight (fried chicken, fried okra, etc) I need to eat broth the rest of the week and do power hot yoga 3 hours of every day!

Happy Valentines to you all! DH and I exchanged cards this morning at 6:30 and are going to get a memorial tree to reminds us of our sweet babies this weekend since the weather is supposed to be so nice. I think we decided on a red bud, so gorgeous in early spring.

What did you exchange with your sweet DH?


  1. Happy birthday!! Now make your plans for the St. Gianna shrine! HA!

  2. YEA for a great birthday, Allie!!!!! Happy happy birthday! Your birthday dinner sounds AMAZING! :)

  3. This is such a joyful, hopeful post! I love it!

    My dh gave me the very thing I love: DARK CHOCOLATE!! And a big heart balloon and the sweetest card. :) :)

  4. Allie...Happy Belated Bday!! Gosh, your dinners sound so yummy!

    My DH left me a card and flowers on our kitchen table! Tonight...his bday dinner at his favorite steak house.

  5. I had tears in my eyes I was so thrilled for you and by the end I was absolutely drooling over the food descriptions! Happy Birthday! My dh delivered some flowers today (I told him I'd be the envy of the office if I didn't work from home, lol) and we went out to eat on Saturday.

  6. So glad that you had a great birthday!!!

    I got so many cute gifts and cards today as well. It's so hard to be sad and grumpy when the kids are so darned cute!

  7. I love the joy and hope that comes through your words in this post. Happy belated birthday. It sounds like 36 is going to be a great year for you!

  8. I'm so glad you had a good birthday, Allie!

  9. Your birthday weekend sounds like it was amazing! So glad it was happy and fun! I have to admit I am a tad jealous... My birthday is the weekend before school starts in Aug. so we never get to do too much fun cause we(all the teachers) are so preoccupied with school starting on Monday.

    Super excited the Dr. sent the letter! This is just the beginning of a crazy wonderful adventure!!!

  10. Hi! I am sorry for congratulating you so late!! but you are in my prayers always and I am glad you spent such an amazing birthday!

    We are now in the same process!! I love your agencies name... Abrazo!!! such an amazing name.

    On March 16th there will be a Mass at the Basilica of Guadalupe in honor of St.Joseph and adoption by our agency and both my DH and I will be there. I will put a very, very special intention there for you and your future family. She will for sure help!

  11. Isn't it wonderful how God shows how much He loves you by all the wonderful people He's surrounded you with? Bet there are alot more blessings in store for your 36th year!