Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayer Buddy, NCEA, and Dopplers?

I had the priviledge this Lent to pray for Somehow, Somehow, Someway, Someday. I have been following her for awhile, and it was great to pray for someone whose history I already knew :) M, you didn't give me an intention, so I made my own for you - hahaha! I also prayed for your foster children and the direction and love you give them, I know how very fortunate they are to have you in their lives. Bless you M, your foster parent journey, and all other journeys you have in the future.

I am late revealing this because I was in New Orleans at the NCEA (National Catholic Educators of America). My principal asked me to go at the beginning of the school year and I was so looking forward to it, until a couple months ago when my nausea started. I have been feeling better bit by bit, and the food in NOLA definitely helped curb any nausea that popped up throughout the trip, I would weigh 400 pounds if I lived in Louisiana I bet. That food is AMAZING!!! The trip was great, we listened to some very interesting speakers, and the amount of people (especially all different orders of sisters and priests) was such a testimony to our faith and incredible to see.

I listened to one speaker on teaching the rosary to children. She said to approach it like a scrapbook - the rosary is basically Mary's scrapbook! Many children are familiar with a scrapbook or family photo album, right? We can teach them to follow Mary's family history scrapbook style! She also had such a cute activity to use with smaller children. Sit them in a circle and give them each a stone, a plastic egg, and a long piece of yarn in a circle for the group. Each child clamps the egg around the stone and the yarn and makes a bead. Afterwards, each child prays the prayer he or she is holding, so precious! (She suggesting two beads per children for most classes).

Another great speaker were Carmelite from Baton Rouge who presented "Bucket List: like Teresa of Avila". We wrote our own bucket list for the categories (physical, purchases, something fun, health, foods to try, hopes for the future) She called on random people in the group to answer and called on the "girl in the back with sunglasses on her head"(me!) to answer hopes for the future. I said through tears while a bit choked up that after 4 miscarraiges I am pregnant again and further along than I have even been before and I hope to have this baby. Several people turned and my face was so red. The speaker was so sweet, said to the group, "Let's lift up Allie in prayer and this new baby from God, allright?" It meant so much to me.

I posted before about wanting to buy a doppler to relieve some anxiety and reassure me of our growing baby, but our OB stongly discouraged it. She said if I couldn't find the heartbeat (and sometimes it can be hard if the baby is moving or the placenta is in the way) I would have to rush to their office or the ER if they were closed and the stress would be awful for the baby. She said she'd rather me go to their office any day and ask for the nurse practitioner or available doctor for a doppler check instead, but their office is almost 40 minutes away.....My cousin has a $500 doctor quality doppler she bought with her last pregnancy and brought it to my mom's for me while I was out of town. I am so tempted to use it, but trying to have faith, and I am afraid I may not find it, and I would panic. My next appointment is Tuesday at 2. What should I do?


  1. Oh dear god I would not use that thing at all....My OB said the same thing and it was enough for me to not touch it. I would freak out.... :) Jesus, I trust in You. ;)

    Easier said then done but it doesn't say in the bible "you knit me together in my mother's womb" for nothing.... :)

    I can only imagine the anxiety as time goes by but I would stay away....But then if you find it you might not put the thing down......haha!!

  2. I used one frequently in those early days. Never had a problem, loved hearing his heartbeat and him moving around before I could feel him.

    Best to you, whatever you decide.

  3. I was definitely tempted to try a doppler, but I never did (probably because I am cheap - if I had access to one for free, I may have tried it). An ultrasound tech told me that sometimes you might pick up your own pulse and get freaked out about the heartrate. Soon, you will start to feel the baby move, and that will go a long way in relieving your fears.

  4. Allison- I used Ellen's for my pregnancy with Emma and I was ALWAYS panicking because I couldn't find her heartbeat. I would be in tears and John would have to talk me down from it. With Ava I didn't use one and it was so much better on my nerves. I think it depends on your personality type as to whether it would be beneficial to you. I am such a neurotic freak that it only made me worry more!

  5. As far as the doppler...if you as obsessive as I would be about it...then STAY AWAY from it! Let go and Let God!!

  6. Allie, thank you so much for your prayers! I am so appreciative. Know that I am praying for you as well. I say leave the doppler alone....your baby is in God's hands and faith will carry your precious one through! God bless you, Allie!

  7. I completely understand wanting to use the Doppler, but agree it's probably a bad idea! Even at PPVI last week the dr couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler - she took me down for an ultrasound and all was well, but I think I would rapidly have become more and more of a wreck if I'd been at home and unable to make sure the baby was ok! Just thought I'd share that even the doctor sometimes can't find it when it's there, so we prob shouldn't trust ourselves to!
    Hope you're feeling well -- I am praying for you!!!!