Sunday, May 1, 2011

My car totaled, bodies injured, but baby is ok

My car

the other car
Last night DH and I went to dinner and had too much time before "Water For Elephants" so we decided instead to drive down to the casinos which have been shut down and see the record setting MS River flooding. We picked up one of his friends and my BIL and headed west.

On the way home, driving about 60mph, we were hit full speed by a car who totally ignored his stop sign and I don't remember too much after that. I know I heard DH scream and I slammed the brakes and cut the wheel sharply to the left. We flew across a ditch and landed about 20 feet below all airbags deployed. I remember screaming asking to be forgiven - I knew this was the end of our lives on earth.

We stumbled out of my CRV (which is the best car if you have to be in a wreck it totally protected us) and I was so panicked about our baby. Not only did every airbag deploy, but my adrenaline was completely rolling and I was so afraid the baby was going to lose blood flow. DH was a nervous wreck and the car missed him by a foot or so, thanks be to Jesus' divine mercy, his arm and back hurt and he had some burning and bruising. My BIL went to the ER too to get his hip checked out since he was thrown to the front seat - he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Our friend had a hematoma swollen on his neck from the searbeat lock up but it is a TRUE miracle we are alive.

Our guardian angels were watching over us and protecting us every inch of the way. The cops and paramedics were completely amazed we were alive and that my car didn't flip all down the ravine. My sis and bf came and they said they thought we were seriously hurt or dead by the first sights on the scenes. My sis is a trauma nurse and knew the paramedic on duty. He is a doctor resident but works on the ambulance for extra money and experience and he strongly suggested I get taken to the ER in the ambulance and get checked out especially the baby. I tried my best to calmly pray the rosary and keep my breath even and slow. We waited until 11 for the ultrasound.

They wheeled me in around 8 and we finally left at four this morning. The doctor wanted a chest X-ray but I was too scared. He tried to give me loritab and claimed it was safe but again I said no. The ultrasound tech is the mom of one of my students and she was so great to us. She said the baby was fine and bouncing around with a normal heartrate and no signs of distress. ALL OF THIS ON DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY!! God is so good to us and is totally watching over this baby ;)

The man who hit us was illegal from Mexico and they ran his blood for alcohol and drug though they suspected he was sober. When DH climbed the ravine he was so angry and yelled at him screaming "my wife is pregnant!!! What were you thinking!!??" he was so sorrowful and crying and the paramedics said he prayed to whole way to the hospital and asked for a chaplain there. I asked my nurse to please let him know the baby was okay.

Today everyone woke up stiff and sore. I have severe bruising on my hips from the seatbelt and my stomach and neck are awfully sore. My chest feels like I was punched and it hurts to breAthe and sleeping was rough last night, but I can't stop praising God for saving us and our baby. It truly is a miracle.
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