Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Takes

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1. We have a bountiful peach tree in our back yard and I have now used peaches every way to Sunday. Peach crisp, peach spinach salad, peaches and milk, you name it. I have to cut around the bugs in alot of them but have so many frozen for later and there are still about a hundred or so on the tree. Two weeks ago it completely fell over and DH had to prop and stake it. I hope we don't lose it over the winter :( Any other ideas or recipes for me?

2. Please help me! I sign into blogger and can comment on most blogs no problem but some won't allow me to or I have to comment anonymously. If I try using google id and sign into my account and comment again it redirects me back to the sign in page again. So frustrating! I want to comment on blogs and can't! Some I had trouble with are LITTLE CATHOLIC BUBBLE, A MARTHA TRYING TO BE MARY, ST RITAS ROSES. What is going on??!!

3. Just got back from the farmers market and bought them out of Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes. I cannot get enough fresh maters in the summer. One of my all time favorite things.

4. We painted the nursery a pale blue and the fabric came in for the curtains. Mom and I are cutting them out and sewing them this week. Online they would have been about $230 but instead the same fabric cost me $44. Steal!

5. This past Monday marked the halfway point of my summer vacation and I don't know where the time went. We start back August 1st, earlier every year it seems.

6. BM wrote me back this week with great news. She said sorry for not writing back she had not been at home and that she was absolutely sure about giving the baby to us. She is only concerned about the medical costs not covered by her insurance (or rather her stepdad is) and kept referring the the baby as "LA BEBE"!! It's a girl!! We are so very excited and have chosen the name Mary Jacinta, after my sister and Blessed Jacinta Marto of Fatima. Before she emailed me I had talked to our lawyer who met with them the week before, and he said she was not changing her mind- but it sure felt awesome to get that email.

7. Ok I need some honest opinions here. Brutal honesty - no holding back, seriously.

We are blessed to have so many people who want to give us a shower. I was thinking about asking one or two of them to have a money tree shower for us en lieu of a traditional one to help us cover the cost of the adoption. We haven't saved enough though not from lack of trying! Now with the added medical costs we will have for the BM, I am stressing. Brutal honesty please!


  1. If money is what you really need for La Bebe, then money is what you should ask for! If people get all upset about it-let them! I normally think "money" showers are tacky but this is a special situation!

    And-we've been buying peaches from a roadside stand all summer! We liked this recipe with pork chops:

  2. Maybe you could do something similar to Call Me Mama and have people donate stuff that you could auction. That way you could get money for the adoption without doing a "money" shower.

    I want peaches now. I love to hear your recipes; I don't have any that I can think of to share.

  3. I am such a practical person. Money shower is totally appropriate for this situation. I think people should give what the receivers want, not what the givers want to give. But that's just me!

    Okay, for posting, it's something about the cookies. Someone wonderful helped me and I will try to recreate the directions. I think you go to the bottom of the blogger site where you will see a security icon that looks like an eye with a red slash in it or something. Click on it and then select the sites that have in the address. Then, you will want to "allow cookies" or something like that, for those sites. It should solve the problem. If that is not clear, maybe someone else can describe it better?

    So happy about baby girl!! And what a beautiful name.

  4. I just texted Ellen this morning saying that John and I wanted to host a shower for you guys. My opinion is this, all of your friends and family know what a struggle it has been for you and know how much these babies mean to you. ALL of your friends and family want these babies as much as you guys do. SO I believe that all of us would want to do whatever was going to make the road to bringing these two babies home to start their lives with you as easy as possible. I can't see that anyone would want anything more than to give you whatever you need to make that happen. I think asking for money is perfectly fine. Just my two cents. And let me know about the shower!

  5. Hi Allie,
    I am SO glad to see I'm not the only one who is having trouble posting comments! I've just started copying every comment before I hit 'post' because I know I'm going to get a "service unavailable" error message! I'll try LCB's suggestion & see if that works.
    PLEASE do whatever works for your new family for the showers! I'm happy to be able to contribute to anything that'll help. I like the idea of auction items. Seems like you might make more money that way but then it'd be a bigger hassle & your summertime is winding down :-(
    AAR, you tell us what you want...that's all there is to it.

  6. I'd do it this way, if I were in your shoes:

    Call it an "Adoption Shower" on the invite, and have the invite say something about what you really need, in lieu of gifts, is money to help cover the unexpected costs associated with this adoption. Their "gift" is helping you bring home your new baby.

  7. I love Lisa's Adoption Shower. How brilliant. And please, people will totally get it!

    Peaches...YUM!!!!!! Ok, how about some peach sorbet...then send some to Philly.

    YAY!!!!! A baby girl!!!! I love her name little Mary Jacinta- I am so glad the BM emailed. I was wondering what was going on.

    Lastly, the comment issue. I had the same problem and someone told me to stop using internet explorer to access my blog and download firefox and use that. I did it and now firefox has never given me a problem and it is much faster!

  8. Great news all around. Lisa has a great idea, I say go with that.

  9. I love the adoption shower idea, too! Go, Lisa!

    but I'm so over the moon excited with your news that she's still in!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really anxious there for you, Allie! I'm so used to bad news on my own end that I was really fretting for you. BUT WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!

  10. I love Lisa's idea as well! Oh, and you know I love that beautiful girl's name. Glad to hear everything is back on track with the BM! Love you girl!

  11. Love Lisa's idea too! Congrats...I'm SO HAPPY this is all going to work out! :) :) :)

  12. I've been peeking in periodically to see how things are progressing with your two LOs! Hope all is well!