Monday, August 8, 2011

Home study anxiety !!

After many days of gathering information for the home study like biographies, bank statements, IRS info, etc we are finally ready to begin the interviews that will allow us to bring our Mary Jacinta home!!

We also had some unexpected costs, dogs' shot records up to date and DH'S Physical to name a couple, but we are up and running with the home study! I turned in the mountain of initial paperwork, minus the fingerprinting and FBI background check that we will do this month on our own, and the social worker at a local adoption agency wrote me back today saying that Thursday was great for our first joint interview. I am leaving school a tad early and DH will meet me at the agency and I am NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS ;)

Calling all adoptive parents out there..... Can you give me an inkling of what the heck we are going to be asked? What do we need to be prepared for?

Any information is greatly appreciated ;)

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  1. I've learned from the blogs that every state is different and questions are different. For us it was basic stuff about our families and our relationship with each other, disclipine style planned with our children etc. Nothing got uncomfortable, we just loved our SW and had the same thinking on a lot of things so that helped. I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. YEA!!!!!!!!!! The home study isn't a big deal. It's no white glove test. It's basic Q&A. Why do you want to adopt? how will it change your life? How are you prepared to accept it/ What kind of adoption do you want and why? (Open, special needs...) I wrote about our last home study interview here: You'll do GREAT!!!!! They'll love you guys!

  3. I don't have any advice on the home study, but I am SO EXCITED for you guys and this next step!!!!! I missed your blog updates - great to hear from you!!!

  4. I have no advice, but WOW you are getting so close to being a mom of TWO!!

  5. Don't fear the homestudy interviews! The SW typically (in most states) likes to interview each of you separately and then together to get a feel for how "on the same page" you both are about such a life-changing step like bringing a baby into your family. He/she wants to just make sure there are is a general readiness to adopt/parent.

    Let me be one is perfect and the SW is not looking for perfection!!! This is not a white glove test, but she has a responsibility to assess the home and be sure that there are no glaring issues present that could pose a threat to a child. Take comfort in the fact that most people who adopt and foster are very average people living in very average homes with very average incomes.

    You've got a unique situation in that you are expecting to adopt a baby very close to the birth of a biological baby--plan to discuss how you will manage baby care for two. But aside from that, I can't think of anything else aside from just general "get-to-know-you" type questions she'll try to ask. Just be yourself and you'll pass with flying colors. I promise!

  6. Good luck. I hope all goes well. We are having our first interview on the 16th and I am quite nervous about it as well as well.

  7. Good luck friend:) Remember, "be still and know that I am God!" Love that quote when I am feeling anxious.