Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy adoption day Mary Jacinta!!

In light of today being national adoption day, I thought I would share some pics of our precious jewel Mary Jacinta. How we love her and the beautiful gift of her adoption (which will be finalized December 21 at 9am!!)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

My sweet babies ;)

I haven't had any time to post, two babies are alot of work! My mom stayed for two weeks overnight and still comes most days so I can shower, eat, and brush my teeth ;)

We are doubly blessed and doubly busy - Mary Jacinta is a perfect baby so happy and rarely cries. Benjamin is still getting used to his surroundings and trying to get days and nights on track. He cries a bit more but is easily soothed and loves to be cuddled! DH and I are sleeping apart to be able to get any sleep- He has MJ is our room and I sleep and nurse Benjamin in the guest room otherwise we would both be up every hour! I have tried nursing her but after two months on a bottle, she is not able to latch, and her pedi said she needs the extra calories from the fortified preemie formula so I pump for her a couple times a day. She gets half formula half breast milk.

He is up to 8 lbs at 3 weeks and she is 6.4 at 12 weeks (4 weeks corrected age). They are just starting to notice each other lately, it is so precious to watch.

I hope to post his birth story soon while it is still fresh on my mind!

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