Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prayer buddy JBTC :)))

My prayer buddy this advent was so easy to pray for. Not only do I already pray for her everyday, but she is one of my dearest blog friends!! I already prayed for her, her dh, and her upcoming baby before prayer buddies so I added her intentions as well as a few things I thought she would need help managing after the baby came- like patience after no sleep and no anxiety over baby's health or having to return to work. It was such a blessing to be able to pray for our own beloved and much read JOY BEYOND THE CROSS!! I love you M and baby Elizabeth Marie is INSANELY lucky to be blessed with parents like you two. I will continue praying for you three daily :)

Thanks so much to my prayer buddy Gee at We have many similarities and though I haven't connected with her before, I look forward to reading her story!! She was so very sweet to send my babies some knotted caps pictures below. They are so soft and fit perfectly. She even made Mary Jacintas a tad smaller :) she also
made me a lovely scarf I look forward to wearing.

God bless you Marie amd Gee!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act Questions, HELP??

Babies in their Christmas outfits :)

Benjamin's baptism (and Mary Jacinta's annointing with Chrism since she was already baptized in the NICU)

My last prayer buddy sent the babies these adorable pea pod hats - thanks again Kate!

I have such anxiety thinking about returning to work on January 3. I go to mass every Saturday night while DH stays with the babies, have been to Walmart once, Macys to get "big girl pants" for the babies baptism last Sunday, and to get my hair cut. Other than that, I don't leave the house and am completely happy to be holed up inside with my babies. January 3rd marks 13 weeks I've been home since we brought Mary Jacinta home on Sept 29. I used 1.5 weeks paid vacation, 2 weeks unpaid leave, and 8 weeks short-term disability pay for the c section recovery period and my school's Christmas break just coincides for an additional 2 weeks.

My question (and I pray someone knows the answer!!!) is this:
Am I guarenteed 12 additional weeks due to the adoption? The US Dept of Labor's website states FMLA leave of 12 weeks is granted for birth of a child, adoption of a child, military leave, to care for a sick relative. SO???? Can I take additional time off? Things will be T-I-G-H-T around this house without my return to work for 3 more months, but I know God will provide. These may be our only babies, and I want to spend as much time as possible with them! I will always have to work to provide insurance since DH is self employed, but under FMLA law, insurance is still paid by the employer during that leave. I am about to call our HR nervous!