Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yard of the Month/week with my neice/cycle update

blueberry pickin

worn out after pickin

posin it up!

eating her "treat" after peeing on the potty

reading "el arbol generoso", the giving tree (she loves me to read in spanish!)

This is my first official week of vacation (full week anyway) and I have been busier now that when at work! I have had my neice every day aside from today, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute with her. Her parents both work, and her babysitter is on vacation this week so I offered to keep her. She is so happy and precious and brings such joy to everyone around her. After each of my m/c and surgeries, I always ask my mom to please pick up GiGi on her way so I could have those chubby sweet arms around my neck to console me.

Last week the town's garden club knocked on our door and asked if we would accept the yard of the month award. Are you kidding me!!!??? Gladly! I love that we have an older home we have been fixing up and not in the flashiest neighborhood in town. There are half a million dollar homes all over this town with landscape to boot, but the lady said she had been driving around town all day and loves that our house always has something in bloom and there was none that looked better this month. We are insanely proud. Yes, my DH has a lawn business but the flowers beds are all me :)We also got the award last August and so now we are batting 2 for 10 months! LOL!! We are remodeling bit by bit, and the house looks so great! I will post a finished pic as the door was just hung today and the sign is in the yard.

This week while G napped, I washed walls, doors, blinds, and baseboards. I cleaned out closets, got stuff together to give the the SHL Missions, have gotten up early every morning to work out (I have lost 10 lbs in 3 months :) We have played tea party every afternoon then walk to see what flowers have bloomed. G loves to water the plants. She is not quite 2 but already very well potty trained which posed a problem yesterday.

SEW and G and I went to pick blueberries at a local blueberry farm and it was insanely hot. It was only 10 in the morning, but I had sweat dripping in places I have never had drip before. I was worried about SEW, but she is one trooper of a pregnant gal. She didn't stop and she and G ate more than they picked I think! G had to go to the bathroom and all they had to use were port a johns. I did not want her to use that germ infested hole, so I put on her little swimmers and she kept walking around saying, "DD I go poo poo on potty", which means she needs to pee. I know the poor thing was confused and needed to sit on the toilet, but none where available. Her face was beet red and I didn't bring a sippy cup for her. We had to leave, and I felt bad b/c Sew only had a half a bucket picked! She was red as a beet and I was worried about her and baby Sew too. But we left, soaking wet, and went to my mom's to swim for the afternoon. Sew gave her some little colored rubber ducks, and she was trying to find them at our tea party later. I only found one - I think the others are in the pool still!

I asked Sew's opinion - honest opinion about what I should do this month. The docs gave us the go ahead to ttc, but I am nervous obviously. They basically described my losses as unexplained and I am just to blindly dive in again. She suggested seeing her Napro doc and getting total results of P tests and estrogen as well. Of course I am hard headed and ready, so we have been ttc this week. She said that telling me not to try is like telling rice not to be white! I am hoping like mad the herbal tea, acupuncture, yoga, and general relaxing will be our ticket this time. I used ovulation sticks and got an almost same color, but not quite reading on CD 12 then have gotten lighter from there. I have been taking my temp in the am too, and is has been rising this whole week. we go, maybe.

Tomorrow, Blake and I are heading the Little Rock to see my best friendm her husband, and her son - our Godson! I can't wait. Then we are getting up early to head to a house on the White River with my entire family. 4 siblings, their spouses, mom and dad, and 6 neices and nephews. We were supposed to go the the beach, but with the oil spill, well, we had to cancel. This place is going to be awesome though! Trout fishing, laying on the dock reading and relaxing, playing with the kids, watching movies (the house has a 12 person mini theater!) and just being with family. I can't wait. Blake has to leave early :( due to work so half the week I will be without him which I hate, but the medical bills are rolling in including his $1000 bill for the ER when he was stung last week and swelled up like a puffer fish. I will post pics of the fam vacay next week, but until then, adios y hasta luego!!


  1. I'll up the prayers since you are trying again! Trust Him!!

  2. Congratulations on Yard of the Month. Your trip with your family sounds like lots of fun. Good luck with starting to TTC again. I'll be praying for you.

  3. Oh my, that vacation sounds so much fun! Take lots of pics, I can't wait to see them. I hope you gets lot of rest. As far as the ttc stuff goes, you are continually in my prayers...and I have great hope for you! Congratulations on YARD of the month, that is awesome! Can you please come up here and help us - we are in need of some landscaping help! :)

  4. Congrats on your award! I might need to get some advice from you about ours, haha! Your niece looks like a peach- how fun that you can spend time with her. I'll be praying for you this month...may God protect you!

  5. Alison you should have yard of the year! Your yard always looks GREAT! I am totally upping the prayers that this is your time! I so hope so. You guys have a great trip and call us when you get back we need to get together for dinner! :)

  6. Cutest blueberry picker ever! And Yard of the Month... Yay! My yard needs your help bad! ;)

  7. I know how nervous you are TTC. You want to, but then again you're not sure if everything is in place....and being pregnant again is exciting and TERRIFYING at the same time! I am praying for you!

  8. Congratulations!! I could never win that award, ha!
    And, I am really praying for you this month.... God is with you!

  9. I'm almost out of blueberries! Hurry home! Waffle loves them too and his poop was purple this morning!!! I can't stop feeding them to him. He is so cute when he eats them!

    I had such a great time!!! So relaxing! Oh and we went to Papa Pia's for dinner, ask your mom if that is 1/2 off pizza if you eat in because our take out pizza was not 1/2 off for take out. ;)

    Don't forget to take that progesterone starting tomorrow night before you go to bed. Since I just got knocked down to less shots, I should have some left over and I will save them for you!! Just in case.

    Don't make me email my Dr.!!! ;) If you get pregnant this month, you should call him ASAP. :)

  10. Oh and I have the canning recipes! ;) Hurry home lady!! And take off that word verification!

  11. That sounds like a wonderful vacation. I hope you have a great time.

    Lord knows I need help with my yard. No flower beds, just grass! My back yard is a blank canvas, but I think we need to get landscapers in to figure out what to do there. I can’t wait to see pictures.

    Such a sweet niece. Love it!

    I’m confused about the “unexplained” part because of the translocation issue. Do they suspect the translocation issue, but just can’t prove that is what caused the losses? Or do they not think that was a cause at all?

  12. Vacation sounds awesome, blueberry picking sounds awesome, your yard sounds awesome. And YOU are that type of person whose cleaning standards have me in such a conundrum! How do you know when/that you're supposed to wash your DOORS? And baseboards?? I get that my blinds are gross, but my solution is to throw them out because I hate them :).