Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progesterone Draw?

Ok. So I just left Sew's house after a very busy day at school and she asked me if I got the results back yet about my progesterone draw at CD21. I have been so busy today I totally forgot about calling and they sure had not called me yet! So I left a message and they called back saying they consider anything over 10 to be good, mine was 11.2 Sew was like oh no that is not good! So then on the way home I got to thinking....since my period was basically non existent due to supposed Ashermans Syndrome or maybe "products of conception from my previous d/c" (we hate that term) maybe that is why it was low? Because my lining had not fully shed everything? Or is it just low and possible luteal phase defect?


  1. Sounds on the low side to me, but I hate hate hate the "CD 21" blood draw. That tells us nothing. Even if you did ovulate on CD 14, we have no idea how your prog. is climbing and then dropping off.
    Would LOVE to see your post-Peak hormone profile ;) Did you start charting, yet? Hehe.

  2. Yes, it is a "random" draw since we don't know exactly when you ovulated. That is why a P+7 would be your best bet.

    TCIE is talking about the "drop off" just like we talked about....Obviously, something isn't right with your light periods you are having....

    The progesterone builds the uterus lining so a good indication to how well your uterus lining is by the flow of your period....I could be wrong. But I do notice it in my periods.

    I.can.not.wait.for.summer!!!!! I'm so excited! Thanks for stopping by!!! I just might show up at your Mom's house at 8am during the week and meet you there!!! hahaha I'll be in the back!

    Girl I have some GREAT sunscreen self tanner! Oh it is the best!!!!!!! I will get with my ar.bonne lady before we run out! ;)

  3. Definitely get a P+7 next time. I hope that the super light periods/possible Asherman's is healed soon.

  4. I'm with TCIE, I hate the CD21 blood draw. I did one about a year ago and ended up taking some medicine that I definitely did NOT need because the days were actually misjudged. I just did a P+7 instead and feel much better about it.

    And not to gang up on you....but yeah-what about the charting?? ;)