Saturday, January 22, 2011

0 for 2 after Lourdes and adoption consulting

Well, I tested yesterday morning on P+13 with an "early response" test and it was negative again this month. I have to test early so I know to stop the suppositories so my cycle can come on through. So I am 0 for 2 after being cleansed in Lourdes. I am not losing hope, however we are continuing on with adoption. Even if and when I do get pregnant again, it will be a time full of anxiety and nervousness. Another I am not being negative - just practical. Like Ann said in her latest post, that is the difference between IFers and RPLers. IFers are estatically elated and thrilled when blessed with a pregnancy and RPLers are in full panic mode. Such is my life. Even adoption can be peppered with what some people call, Recurrent Adoption Loss.

BUT......surely with us still trying naturally and trying to adopt as well, we will be blessed with a child soon.....

We have a meeting with an adoption consultant in Memphis Tuesday at 4. She charges $150 for about 2 hours of information. I know this is something that I can do on my own after much time and research, but I would rather pay the money and have all the options laid our for me. She tells the pros and cons of working with agencies, lawyers, domestic, international, everything. So this is step one in a long process but we are ready.

And God is already blessing our journey financially! My mom called this week to ask me if I had the silver quarters my Nana gave us years ago. I told her I think I sold mine to my uncle for extra cash in college but she said she found a bag of them in my dad's closet with my name on them. So I called my uncle and it turns out I had sold him a gold piece that I found when cleaning out her closet and she let me keep it. So the quarters are mine!!!! Dad totalled them up and said they are worth about $2,600 yesterday when silver was at $28 an ounce. My uncle said to find out what they are worth and he will pay me more than they are worth. So we will have about $3 K to start our adoption process! (sometimes I think we could use that to pay Dr. K in Chicago instead of adoption, but for some reason I feel more called to this path).

Pray for us on Tuesday to be able to discern all the information and make a solid choice together which path we should take in adoption!

Also as far as cycle news, something weird happened this month that has never happened before. On CD 14 about 6 hours after a positive LH surge, I had pinkish brown spotting. I freaked out but thought maybe it was some type of ovulation spotting??!! Please let me know if this has happened to you before or if you know anything about this??!!


  1. What a blessing! Some cash to get the whole process started!

  2. Any dollars you can get are a blessing. We have spent a TON for IF and are just lightly talking about adoption. I am realizing how much more we could spend.
    I don't use OKP anymore since I am on HCG triggers. But since starting the triggers, I do notice some pink spotting when o'ing.

  3. How wonderful to get all that money for the adoption process!!!!

    I had strange spotting for two cycles and it was because of hormone fluctuations, or at least that was one theory. It definitely could be due to ovulation, have you asked your doctor about it?

  4. Awesome!!!!

    I'd hang on to those quarter a little longer...their value is predicted to explode. Just hang on to them as long as you can- then cash them in when you need them!

  5. How neat about the coins! What a blessing!

    Praying for you!

    I have had ovulation spotting. Hasn't happened for a long time but I remember it being pretty red. Maybe what JB said, hormonal flucuations.

    I hope you learn a lot in your adoption class. I think I would pay for it too!

  6. Dang, girl! That's a WHOLE LOT of pennies from Heaven! What a great start.

    ". . . but for some reason I feel more called to this path." I love reading this. You are being guided.

  7. Ahh Allie, I love it....what a blessing! I excited to hear how your adoption consult goes...I will definitely be calling you to find out! ;) God is Good! Have a great weekend!

  8. God is so good! I am so glad that you have some starter money for the road ahead! Praying for strength during this adventure!

  9. That is a blessing for sure!! I am praying!!! I know your day will come!

  10. Sorry about another negative, but so glad to hear about the meeting with the adoption consultant. I hope you get some great information, and continue to make progress on that front. I sense sadness in this post, but hope as well. As always, will be thinking of you!

  11. I'm so bothered! I just wrote out a long post and it deleted. Now I forgot what I was saying! haha. I am really happy to hear that you feel so directed in your path for adoption. I know it must be very comforting to have that reassurance. I will pray for that path for you and that it brings you great joy! No worries, I'll be praying for you in the other way too! As far as the ovulation spotting, I have heard of that but never experienced it. I have experienced sharp pains while ovulating but not the other..Sorry no help. HUGSS

  12. First..thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for your sweet words on my dress! I loved it!

    Sorry for your "0-2" record. It totally stinks! I feel your pain after trying early and getting a big negative.
    Good luck tomorrow night with your info session. I will be praying for you!! I am hoping to go that route soon...

  13. hola Allie! Te he tenido mucho en mente hoy en cuanto a tu cita con la consejera de adocpion. Espero que todo haya ido muy bien. Mantenos al tanto!

    un abrazo

  14. I finally found a computer that will allow me to see your website. It is in a public library.

    Before, my computer crashed when I tried to read your site. So! I will be sitting right here and catching up on your posts. UGHHHH....

    So glad you are being financially blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What a wonderful windfall in finding money. I pray that the path forward is clear and that you are blessed with children whichever way this falls.

    I have not had strange spotting, but I wonder if it can be as a result of ovulation? I'm sure it is normal.

  16. God's timing when blessing someone with pennies from heaven is never a coincidence! I'm excited for you!

    I've had mid-cycle spotting before...happens maybe once or twice a year. Sometimes it can be associated with implantation but in my case, it's always just hormonal funkiness.