Wednesday, March 24, 2010

some results from RE

Today marks 2 weeks since my appointment for rpl testing with the RE. I tried to be patient all day while waiting on a phone call. They said the thyroid test and uterine infection tests would take about a week, and they would call if the results were abnormal. The chromosome karotype test takes about 4. I never heard from them today (tho I kept my cellie on me all day long while teaching...) I couldn't call during my planning period because I had to hold a phone conference with a parent, so I called right after school. Of course I had to leave a message for a nurse to call me back. Don't you wish there was a specific person in each office designated to answer all calls from frantic patients? Like their sole job and responsibility was to answer our calls and provide us with test results? LOL!

So my results are in. Uterus infection? Negative. Thyroid? 1.03. Dr. D like thyroid levels to be between 1-2. Is that a little close to normal or it is good???


  1. Is that thyroid the TSH? What are the others T3 T4? Obviously you are a bundle of energy so I wouldn't suspect thyroid, but I'm not a thyroid expert?

    I really want to know what your progesterone is on a break cycle 7dpo. You can easily call and get that checked.... ;) hehehe I'm not forcing you at all.... ;)

    So are those the only test he ran for rpl? That seems odd....GIRL YOU NEED A NEW DOCTOR! :) Love ya! don't punch me, please I still want to meet you on Monday!!! :) And I can't promise I won't shove it down your throat until I drive you to STL over the summer to see Dr. G.

  2. I think that's TSH, you need Free T3 and Free T4.......

  3. Don't know about others?! Oh gosh, I need to call back tomorrow?? Maybe they test others is result isn't good? I have to go for prog. after next cycle which hopefully will be in 2 weeks. Dr thinks thyroid, prog., infection, or chromosome problems could be the culprits b/c already had 16 vials tested for thrombophylia work up and uterus is fine she said b/c of myomectemy... should I be tested for more?? I have wondered about people talking about t3, t4, protein C deficiencies, oh gosh. I need to read up more...I wish I could hole up in that damn office for a week and get poked, prodded, and xrayed til they find s/t!

  4. If that is your TSH, that is great! (In my humble opinion...but Barbie is the expert and I agree, you do need the T3 and T4 as they play a big part as well and TSH is not the complete story). My TSH has been so wonky for the last 1 1/2 years, that my dosage on synthroid has been upped 2 times and I am at 75mcg. I would love to have a TSH of 1.03, but have had to deal with ones in the 3s and 4s. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. But it seems to be under control now. Good luck with the future blood draws!! God Bless!

  5. I think most mainstream doctors do not test the T3 or T4. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but I tend to see it tested more with NaPro than with REs. The Protein C would be part of the thrombophylia panel (most likely).

  6. My last tsh was 3.8. No wonder I couldnt' get off the couch....After surgery I think it was in the 20's. Now wonder I was a mess! ;)

    Since you don't chart we should get you pissing on OPK so you can have the most accurate progesterone test.

    I think you might have some wonky progesterone since your periods are so light. :) JMHO.... :) I hope they test the estrogen when they do that progesterone test too....

    Infection in the uterus (from what I have read on blogs) displays itself in brown bleeding...Brown bleeding in spotting could also mean low hormone numbers as well.

    But why not try you and your DH on an antibiotic for safe measures. ;)

  7. Listen to Sew, with all this great info! Go Sew!!

    I agree that you should have the other thyroid hormones tested, as well as Antithyroid antibodies (ATA), antiphospholipid antibodies (APAs... this is HUGE in RPL), and I also second the suggestion to find a new Dr, that can definately make all the difference.

    Praying for you!